Just for Beginners
Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions by people new to Zen Center of Pittsburgh.

Where do I begin?

Newcomers are encouraged to come Sunday, 9:30am, to Deep Spring Temple, and stay for our Sunday Morning Practice. We suggest at $15 donation.

What is Zen Buddhism?

Buddhism originated in India with Siddhartha Gautama in the 6th Century B.C. Although his father was the ruler of the kingdom of the Shakyas... [read more]

What is Zen training?

Fundamental to Soto Zen training is the recognition that one's practice and realization are not separate...[read more]

Who is the teacher there?

Rev. Kyoki Roberts is a Soto Zen Buddhist priest and is a founding member of the Order of the Prairie Wind (OPW)...[read more]

How can I receive e-mails about activities at Zen Center?

Subscribe to the zencenter-pgh e-mailing list by filling out... [read more]

What do I wear?

Wear subdued clothing, appropriate for the activity (bluejeans don't work well). No shorts, tanktops, or tights are permitted in the Zendo. Please do not wear strong scents. When you arrive, remove your shoes and enter quietly into the current activity. When it is time for you to depart, straighten up anything you have used, bow, and leave.

Is there recommended reading?

See this list by Rev. Nonin Chowaney from the Order of the Prairie Wind site. [read more]
Beginning Zen Practice - by Rev. Kyoki Roberts

How do I find Zen Center?

Deep Spring Temple is on a secluded lane in the hills above Sewickley, about 30 minutes from downtown... [read more]

What does it cost?

In Buddhism we have a concept of “Dana” which means the teaching is offered freely to all while trusting those receiving the teaching will also be generous in their offerings. We are often asked what that means. We have “suggested donations” listed for classes and retreats but most of our support comes from pledges. A common pledge level is “an hour/week for Zen Center”, in which one’s hourly wage is used as the basis for weekly pledges. We are deeply grateful for your generosity. [read more]

Zen Center of Pittsburgh
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