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Supporting Zen Center
The essential ingredient of our support is the regular participation in activities at ZCP by our members. Without Sangha, we don't exist.
Financially, we are supported in a variety of ways. ZCP relies on its friends to pledge a donation based on a portion of their income. Many member pledge between 2 and 5%. Our retreats and study groups are another source of our support. ZCP start-up funds were provided by Nebraska Zen Center, our Board of Directors and friends who chose to remain anonymous.
We also rely on the Sangha for gifts to our library and to the kitchen.
Friends of Zen Center
Our "Friends" are the core of our Zen Community. Many practioners, beginners and senior students alike, choose to sit zazen with us, come to lectures and support Zen Center in myraid ways, large and small. Some of our "Friends" live far away and can only keep in touch through our mailings. Others are already members of another faith group and come to ZCP to enhance their understanding of their primary spiritual practice. We invite all who practice here to consider themselves a Sangha member. We require no formal commitment to the teacher or the community.
Zen Center of Pittsburgh
124 Willow Ridge Road - Sewickley, PA 15143 - 412-741-1262